Online Blackjack with match the dealer

Blackjack is a game that is popular among punters around the world. It involves the use of cards and is played between players and a dealer. The game has been in existence for quite some time, however, blackjack rules has changed over the years and the rules that now apply is totally different from the ones that applied decades back. Since each player is competing against the dealer, more than one player can be a winner in a round. To win any round, your hand must be below 21 and it must be higher than the hand of the dealer. This also applies to blackjack played online as it has some similarities with the landbased casino blackjack. You can study online blackjack at


Blackjack with Match the Dealer rule

In Blackjack, there are various methods of placing a wager for the players. This is divided into two major types and they include main bet and side bets. The less known sort of blackjack bet is the side bet and typically requires higher skills to comprehend and put into practice. Blackjack side wager includes Perfect Pairs, 21+3, Insurance and matches the dealer. Match the Dealer is a sort of side wager that is found in blackjack variants like Spanish 21, and Double exposure Blackjack. Basically, for this side wager, a player wins when the underlying two cards of the player matches the dealers face-up card in rank. This is the principle that defines the bet

The player has a higher coin win when both of his cards matches the two cards of the dealer. The paytable for this side wager varies for different variations. At the point when this side wager is added to blackjack, and you bet on it, you will get a 4 to 1 pay when you match one of the cards of the dealer in a non-suited match. A non-suited match means that the cards are of the same ranks but not the same suit. You will get 8 to 1 win when you have two matches that are non-fitter. For a situation whereby there is one fit match, match the dealer pays 11 to 1.

Choosing an online casino

To enjoy online blackjack, you have to first find an online gambling casino to register. This online casino must meet certain requirements for it to be considered as a viable platform to play online casino games. The primary prerequisite is that the online casino should be licensed in order to operate a real money casino. The license must be from a recognised gaming body in the jurisdiction in which the online casino operates. The licence of an online casino can be found at the footer of the online casino. Likewise, the online casino must have a responsive customer care team that will help with any technical issues at any time you come across these issues.

Why play Match the dealer side bet and Final thoughts

The main thing to note is that match the dealer side wager can be added to any variation of blackjack. It isn't just constrained to Spanish 21. Also, you should note that Match the Dealer side wager doesn't pay as much as some other side wagers you will encounter online blackjack, be that as it may, it can give you some consistent winnings. Match the dealer can also be used with different betting systems. You can use it with martingale, Fibonacci or even D'Alembert betting system. If you have developed a betting strategy that pays well, you can also make use of the strategy with the system. The following are a portion of the online casino that permit match the dealer:

  • Go Casino
  • Club USA casino
  • 888casino

Finally, match the dealer side bet is a sure thing for players hoping to get consistent wins as they play online blackjack. Notwithstanding, it is significant for any player hoping to become a success at this game to equip themselves with essential strategies for blackjack. You can use blackjack trainers to improve your decision-making ability, like realizing when to split, stand or hit. Since it's a side wager, you are advised to practice with it before you use your real money if you are playing online blackjack for the first time. Rather, get familiarised with the primary bet, at that point you can continue to add side wagers to your methodology. Register and start betting on online blackjack today.